Wednesday, February 10, 2016

And so it begins!

From the day I turned 39, I hit the ground running into full on mid-life crisis. All the angst I thought I left behind in my twenties came flooding back. I was depressed, questioning every life choice I've ever made, generally confused as fuck about pretty much everything, fixated on my own mortality. But then, sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, something clicked for me. I don't know if the crisis lifted, or if this is a different manifestation of it, but I suddenly got real cozy with the idea of turning 40 this year. So cozy, that I have dubbed 2016 "My Year of 40." And I plan for this year to be a good one. 

Let's get this party started with a list! 

Top Ten Things I Plan to Do with My Year of 40 
1. Play music 
2. Make art
3. Blog more
4. Keep loving my work
5. Learn something new
6. Cultivate friendships
7. Have a kick-ass marriage
8. Have more fun
9. Do what I want
10. Give no fucks


  1. I love this! Look forward to reading! xoxo

  2. Yes I feel like turning 40 this year is better than a sweet 16 because I am more confident, better looking, and I have a hot man that is mature and supportive of all of my decisions. Give no fucks!